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Sistahs Transformed

Take a minute and read what our members are saying on how Sistahs are transforming their lives after joining our organization.


Laneise Foxworth 

Board of Directors - Secretary

I joined SIT because I need to invest in myself. I take care of many family members but always think of myself last. Since joining SIT, it has broadened my knowledge, enhanced my network and allows me to give back to the community. SIT keeps me inspired, motivated and helps me to develop skills that will be invaluable in all areas of my life. 


Darlene Callands

Sistahs In Transformation - Emeritus Director

I decided to join S.I.T after speaking with the founders during the uncertainty of the  pandemic. Listening to their reason and purpose for wanting to develop this sisterhood organization I knew it was the perfect timing and the right space for me to evaluate myself, eliminate junk and define a new purpose for the next chapter of my life.



Faith K.

Sistahs In Transformation - Member

I joined S.I.T. to safely connect personally and professionally with other women of color. I’ve transform into a better woman, because I’m more self aware, and that I have a lot more to offer my community than just a being a Mom or a Manager. S.I.T. empowers self love, self worth, and exemplifies the power of true sisterhood through healthy networking. 


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