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Our Founders




If I'm eating, I want all my sistahs to eat with me." That has always been Kenya's motto since she was a young girl. 

COVID-19 was a game changer for Kenya and the birth of Sistahs In Transformation was born. Who better to do this venture with then her sistah friends, Desiree and Terri. Sistahs In Transformation is a safe place for taboo conversations, thought, ideas, concerns, questions and where we would empower each other on all levels.


Kenya is married with two children. She earned her B.S from a HBCU, Morgan State University and is a proud member Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Evergreen Baptist Church. The sky is not the limit for Sistahs In Transformation….it’s just the floor. 




Desiree realizes we are in a time of an essential need for women to reach their full potential and not be afraid to depend on other women of the same backgrounds, of the same discriminatory processes and the same roadblocks and obstacles that plague females from being as they were meant to be and that is nothing other than great!


“Sistahs we are empowered to write our own narrative and transform from the one we’ve been given!” Wheels in Motion.


Desiree is married. She has 3 children and 4 children from her blended family. She attended Howard University and obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from NJIT. 



Terri has worked with young adults for a good portion of her career and has always poured into her young sistahs and encouraged them to dream big, respect yourself, others and know your worth. She mentored young women in her “Girl Talk Group."


Sistahs In Transformation has allowed Terri to continue her passion for impacting Black and Brown women to live up to their potential.  She wants young girls and woman to know that they are special, important and loved by other sistahs.  Terri envisions Sistahs In Transformation going national and then global touching the lives of black and brown women around the world.  We must be our sistahs keeper and take care of each other.


Terri studied African American Studies with an emphasis on Society at the University of WI and the HBCU, Fisk University in Nashville, TN. Terri has a young adult daughter Christina Stigler-Brisco. “Sistahs make the world go around."

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