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This Marketing Executive Shares How She Built A Career Centering The Black Experience And Why Self-C

"If you enjoyed the viral 2022 Hip Hop Awards Social Ciphers or the Road To Soul Train Awards’ carpool karaoke-style clips featuring City Girls’ Yung Miami and music legend Babyface, meet Tasha Hilton, the executive dedicating her career to impacting culture through disruptive marketing.

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As BET’s Senior Marketing Director, Hilton is responsible for the strategy and end-to-end marketing of multi-platform campaigns, ultimately getting people to engage with the brand but her personal responsibility within marketing and the culture is so much more than that.

“I am quite clear about what I want for my career,” Hilton told ESSENCE. “I know often people have dream companies they want to work for and that’s great because there are a lot of really amazing companies breaking through the clutter within their industries. For me it’s about aligning with my purpose and ultimately I want to drive impact in culture and business goals. I have the luxury to currently work at a company where culture sits as the nucleus of its core values.”

The North Carolina A&T State University alum added “it’s a beautiful experience” getting to wrap her work around amplifying HBCU initiatives, small Black business owners, and ultimately “driving Black excellence to paint a cohesive picture of our collective experience.” Hilton shared with ESSENCE that she is particularly focused on “the importance of unpacking the layers of the Black experience through her work and highlighting the diaspora while laying ground to impact the state of Black mental health along the way.”

Her journey has been an inspiring one.

While studying engineering, Hilton had the unique opportunity to intern in Los Angeles as an assistant to an actress in Black Hollywood which led to a full-time job and the start to her journey in entertainment. This led to her working at a brand agency that helped lay the foundation of the marketing career we see today. Eventually, she landed at publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster to drive awareness of big-name books distributed out of the company. After three years of launching #1 bestselling authors, Hilton directed her attention to driving impact within media content.

That led her to join BET in 2019, and in just a few years she has already managed to leave an indelible mark."

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