Meet The Founders

Kenya Purnell 
Founder and Board Member 

Her Motto: “If I am eating, I want all my sistahs to eat with me”. That has always been the motto for all of Kenya Purnell’s sistah friends. It’s something that she has always believed in starting at a young age.  It is what she calls sharing. 


Kenya is an Account Executive for Audacy where she customizes marketing programs for the Philadelphia Phllies and Philadelphia Eagles Radio Networks. She LOVES it! It’s very common to see how so many people help one another in her type of business, however there are a lot of people that don’t reach out and help each other as they should. People have always considered Kenya to be the “Connect K”.  She is loyal, faithful, helpful, committed, dedicated, determined and devoted. She would tell sistahs “how to” inquire about the opportunity or who to talk to about making a project successful. With every sistah connection/relationship in her path of life, Kenya strives to share her knowledge to uplift her sistah, better her sistah, and transform her sistah’s life to be the best she can be. Now, the sistah would trust Kenya and knew that Kenya genuinely wanted her to succeed. She has always valued her sistah community and believes that sistahs have to channel that power of collaboration to change the equation, demonstrate the "how to" and have fun in that transformation.


COVID-19 was a game changer for Kenya and the birth of Sistahs In Transformation was born.  Who better to do this venture with then her sistah friends, Desiree and Terri. 


Sistahs In Transformation a 501(c)(3) non-profit global black women’s organization where it is safe for conversation, thought, ideas, concerns, questions and where we would empower each other on all levels.


Kenya is married with two children. She earned her B.S from a HBCU, Morgan State University and is a proud member Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Evergreen Baptist Church. 



The sky is not the limit for Sistahs In Transformation…’s just the floor. Wheels In Motion!

Desiree Reaves 
Founder  and Board Member 

Desiree Reaves has been in the technology space for over two decades. Desiree decided at a very young age her interests flourished in the math and science space and it became instinctive for her to make the transition into STEM. Desiree is a software development and engineering Manager. 


Her drive to see diversity in the STEM space was intricate in the decision to help bring Sistahs In Transformation into fruition. Desiree’s career as a black woman technologist propelled her innate concern for helping other Sistahs transform into their better self. Desiree has been a member of WICT and was a member of the first black engineering technology group at her company. 


Desiree realizes we are in a time of an essential need for women to reach their full potential and not be afraid to depend on other women of the same backgrounds, of the same discriminatory processes and the same roadblocks and obstacles that plague females from being as they were meant to be and that is nothing other than great!


“Sistahs we are empowered to write our own narrative and transform from the one we’ve been given!” Wheels in Motion


Desiree is married. She has 3 naturally born children and 4 children born from love.

She attended Howard University. She obtained B.S. in Computer Science from NJIT. 

Terri L. Stigler 
Founder  and Board Member 

Terri Stigler is a person that loves life and people and lives her life to the fullest believing that life is a gift and should not be taken for granted.  She loves that lord with all her heart and would say she is “blessed and highly favored”.  Terri believes in forgiveness and always sees the best in people. 


Terri is a diehard optimist, dreamer and entrepreneur.  She learned early that when you “choose a career you love you will never work a day in your life”.


Terri has worked with young adults for a good portion of her career and has always poured into her young sistahs and encouraged them to dream big respect yourself and others and know your worth.  She mentored young women in her “Girl Talk Group”.


Sistahs In Transformation has allowed Terri to continue her passion for impacting Black and Brown women to live up to their potential.  She wants young girls and woman to know that they are special, important and loved by other sistahs.  She wants sistahs to step up and “each one reach many”.  Terri envisions Sistahs In Transformation going national and then global touching the lives of sistahs around the world.  Assuring sistahs know that Black Women Matter.  We must take care of each other, we must be “our Sistahs keeper”.


Terri Stigler is a Regional Vice President with Primerica Financial Services.  She has over 20 years of marketing and business development experience. She studied African American Studies with an emphasis on Society at the University of WI and the HBCU, Fisk University in Nashville, TN. Terri has a young adult daughter Christina Stigler-Brisco.


“Sistahs make the world go around”.  SIT4life.

Wheels In Motion.