Transformation Statement

Sistahs in Transformation is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space for Black women to feel    empowered, embraced and motivated. We have created a sistah community that will educate, inform and elevate our sistahs to find the power they have within them. We need someone like us, for us, encouraging us to not be afraid to bring this bright light out and let it glow. We believe this starts with a simple smile. That's the start of S.I.T. 


Our core values are different from other organizations. We are changing the narrative of how black sistahs are perceived in this society. One sistah at a time. We want to put sistahs around you that are willing to help, share and show you the "how to" feel empowered, embraced and motivated and hold you accountable for your transformation. The goal is to TRANSFORM.

We work towards making YOUR transformation come true by visualizing the future and celebrating your progressions along the way. We have a members only community platform that gives you daily encouragement, connections, networking, conversations with sistahs, along with fun exciting workshops, conferences and events. We are passionate about giving back to our communities by creating the footprints and leaving the legacy of Sistahs In Transformation for our little sistahs to carry on for years to come. 


Transformation is constant. S.I.T. - Wheels In Motion.  #transformationactivated  

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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Why Self-Empowerment Organizations for Black Women are Beneficial: 

We know that community is important, that is why we advocate for black women to get involved in self-empowerment organizations. Joining a movement that concentrates on the wellbeing of black women gives you a connection with a sistahhood that is unique to us. Soliciting love, inspiration and encouragement to learn, grow and improve while giving back to our community so we can live our very best lives!    



Goal Diggahs 

Sistahs it's time to wake up!!! What worked before is no longer working. And for an increasing number of us, there is no way around that. But, that does not apply to us all! You may feel like you're looking around and you are infused with the feeling that you want more. Like you're looking at the world through new eyes! 

Sistahs, that means it's time to get real with yourself and decide what is your purpose in life. We know it's not to just punch a clock, cook, clean and take care of everyone else! No we want and deserve more! There is something that's possible and you need to know how to transform yourself to reveal it.

Totally refine your mind, body, spirit and soul 

Remind ourselves...we are important and worth the time it takes to reflect on us 

Always have a place to go for camaraderie, community and care 

Normal existing and not living is not good enough. We can be uplifted 

Sistahood is important to bring about change for ourselves and our community 

Fellowship to help build ideas to effect change 

Open to new ideas that will help us on our journey to become a better woman 

Renew ourselves to help build our mental, spiritual and financial health every day 

Make every moment we share count and count on each other in every moment