Transformation Statement


an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed. Transformation is the process of changing.

In lieu of feeling powerless during the COVID-19 pandemic, this women's organization seeks to empower women to transfer their mind, body, soul finances while serving our communities 


Sistahs in Transformation (SIT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by three women of color amid the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a safe space for Black and Brown women to be empowered by taking control of their lives in areas of mental, physical and financial health while supporting others along the transformation journey.  

SIT's mission is to further change the narrative on how:

  • Women are perceived in the world by others

  • Women perceive themselves

  • Women leaving a legacy for young women to achieve at any age or economic level

Through strategic events designed to educate, inform and elevate, SIT is dedicated to encourage a diverse group of women to identify and reach goals for themselves with a bi-lateral opportunity to help to transform the lives of other women.



Nobody was prepared for COVID-19. The loss of freedom, uncertainity over diesease status, caused fear and affected women's health status.  

Quarantine and social unrest, caused unhealthy lifestyle, weight gain, increased depression, stress and insomnia. 

Women had a red cape on serving as mother, wife, sister, daughter, care taker, school teacher and sometimes all of the above. Not to mention, a huge percentage of these women were also holding down full-time employment and would find themselves sneaking out of their homes to just sit in their cars for a moment alone. 

Last fiscal year, Sistahs In Transformation served:

  • 7 non-profit organizations across East coast and West coast  

  • 244 families

  • 683 individuals (parents + children)

  • 433 children

  • 224 children birth to 5 years old

  • 209 children ages 6-17

  • 69 youth ages 18-24




Goal Hitters

Sistahs it's time to wake up!!! What worked before is no longer working. 

Sistahs, that means it's time to get real with yourself and know how to transform yourself to reveal it.


  • Totally refine your mind, body, spirit and soul 


  • Remind ourselves...we are important and worth the time it takes to reflect on us 


  • Always have a place to go for camaraderie, community and care 


  • Normal existing and not living is not good enough. We can be uplifted 


  • Sistahood is important to bring about change for ourselves and our community 


  • Fellowship to help build ideas to effect change 


  • Open to new ideas that will help us on our journey to become a better woman 


  • Renew ourselves to help build our mental, spiritual and financial health every day 

  • Make every moment we share count and count on each other in every moment


Wheels In Motion.  #transformationactivated